We spend a lot of time hiking on the mountain, here is a fun take on some of the amazing people we see and love. 
Which one are you! 

Mountain Sage
Legend has it she invented trail mix, has walked more KMs this year than you have in your lifetime and is responsible for cutting most of the trails you only just heard about. If you see the sage, don’t engage! You’ll be talking for hours… 
Trail Dawg
Generally friendly but will run over you if it means keeping his KOM ranking! Always looks a bit tired from last weekends 48hr ultra. Did you say IPA? Kudos!
Mountain Goat / Guide
A true student of the mountain, our guide is a master storyteller mixing a healthy does of folklore, fact and fantasy.
He also knows all the best photo op spots and coffee stops. Tip generously ;)

Distance Hiker
3 days, 4 days, 10 days the name of the game is distance, duration and a large dose of isolation. If you see them on one of their epic pilgrimages, step aside and let these gentle giants pass. It's all about the journey, not the destination. ​​​​​​​
Night Owl
It makes perfect sense to run in the pitch dark with a headlamp, right?! This unique nocturnal species of overachievers are not afraid of the dark, or getting lost. Seriously, don't we all have bat-like sonar anyway? 
Teens generally have a love / hate relationship with hiking. Low battery, no reception, no social media, what's not to love, or hate.
"Are we there yet?"

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